Ready for a Change

I started adopting a healthy lifestyle for almost a month now. I had a health issue (in which I ought not to discuss) which led me to the decision to change. Previously, I neglected the importance of taking care of my body. I didn’t eat well because most of the time I was lazy to get up and cook healthy food for myself because I preferred to have an extra time for sleeping. As a result to that, I always ended up calling fast food chains for a quick delivery of my meals or sometimes I nibble on ready-to-eat processed food that I could find on my refrigeratorΒ or cupboard. Lately, I read about the concept of clean eating and it was the diet that I chose to adapt. For a majority, the word “diet” is synonymous to weight loss but diet means nutrition for health or weight management. I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m actually trying to gain weight and I want to be healthy and strong.

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Another culprit was my lack of quality sleep. Yes, I must admit it that I used to be one of those so-called social media addicts who tirelessly scrolls up and down, press hearts or likes, stalk posts and monitor the amount of likes that my posts had on wee hours. Let’s include the chat until you drop mentality there as well. I also stayed up late for parties or drink alcohol until early morning on bars. It is a well-known fact that lack of sleep makes you feel sluggish the next day which affects your normal body function. Most people rely on coffee but I’m not a coffee drinker. Let’s say that I would consider the miraculous effect of drinking coffee throughout the day, nah… I believe that it’s not the best solution. Sleeping at least 7-9 hours is the only one that can do wonders to our body. It gives our body an adequate amount of time to rest and rejuvenate. I sleep at least 7 hours everyday since I started the “healthy lifestyle” habit. I must tell you that I’m hooked. I wouldn’t go back to my old ways.

In addition to the inadequate nutrition and lack of sleep, I also had a sedentary lifestyle. So these were my daily activities before: wake up, stay in bed (check the phone, watch tv or go back to sleep), call for a fast food delivery or make a ready-to-eat breakfast, take a shower, dress up, go to the office on taxi (FYI – I live on a 15-minute walking distance from my office), sit all day at the office, go home, lay in bed (check the phone, chat until I drop, watch tv or Netflix binge). There were times that I had followed my urges to workout but later on I would just drop it eventually. I kept on giving myself reasons why I don’t have time to exercise. I just simply preferred pleasure and comfort over making the most out of my day. I also had an inclination to tell myself that I’m naturally skinny so I don’t need to exercise. Yes, it was absurd but I woke up one day and I decided that I want my body be stronger not skinny. It was difficult at first as my body was not accustomed to being active but as I continued working out, it adapted. My body felt stronger.

I follow the 80/20 rule because I believe that we should give ourselves time to indulge on pleasures that we like. I dedicate 80% of my time to “healthy living” and the 20% goes to eating that pizza, drinking that glass of wine or a Netflix binge on Saturdays.

Some people may believe that clean eating is boring, expensive and time-consuming. This blog is created to break that idea and to inspire its readers. Clean eating can be flavorful, affordable and easy. Let’s also keep in mind that sometimes we have to make sacrifices and investments for our own good. Invest in yourself now and your future self will thank you for it. Let’s include the entire family in the agenda too!

So, are you ready for change? Let’s go on this journey together!

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